2016 Season Finale


Flame & Thunder at Santa Pod Raceway ended FireForce’s 2016 season. With a steady couple of runs from the FireForce 5 jet dragster¬† (5.20 and 5.37 second runs) and FireForce 3 putting in some standard 5 second runs, it was a good end to the year.

The last run of the day was FireForce 3 triggering the start of Santa Pod’s firework display. With a massive crowd on the bank and in the grandstand, the unusually mild weather had certainly brought out the people.

A big thank you to all our fans and remember that you can follow FireForce on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @FireForce Jets


Heading for Hockenheim


It’s that time! For the third year running, FireForce 3 is loaded ready for the long drive over to Hockenheim, Germany ready to participate in the NitrOlympX.

It’s always a highlight on our calendar and the Saturday Night Show really must be seen to be believed. The German crowds are fantastic so we look forward to entertaining them.

After our first ever 5 second 1/4 mile pass last year, we are hoping to repeat the success for a 2nd year.

We also look forward to pitting next to Split Second Jet Dragster and the team who are joining the festivities for the first time at the NitrOlypmX show.

We will post updates on our social media pages via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can see behind the scenes of our journey.

FireForce 3 T-shirts will also be available to buy from our Pit Bay.

FireForce 5 hits 300mph!!!!


On Sunday 3rd July 2016 at the Retro Show at Santa Pod, the FireForce 5 jet dragster reached 300.17mph over the 1/4 mile.

To our knowledge, FF5 is the only jet dragster outside the USA to break the 300mph limit.

If the car hadn’t been shut off early, who knows what speed it would have clocked up.


A massive thank you to Box Lane Productions for capturing our 300mph run!

300mph slip

NOW IN!!! FireForce 3 Adult T-Shirt


The new FireForce 3 t-shirt is now available to order. All pre-orders will be dispatched within the week and is also available to buy from the FireForce trailer at Santa Pod!

Adult t-shirts are available in small РXXXL at £20 plus postage.

Adult T-shirt

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FireForce 4 to make a return!


5 years after the dramatic wall clipping incident, FireForce 4 Jet Funny Car is set to return to the track at Festival of Power. Taking place over Easter weekend from 25th – 27th March 2016, FireForce 4 will feature in the ‘jet car shootout’ and hopefully we can spend 2016 steadily building on the cars’ performance and seeing what it can do.

StuntShow2011_3 (Medium)

Watch this space for more info……

Goodbye 2015……Hello 2016!!


I can’t say I’m sad to see the back of 2015. It was a year unlike any other I’ve known with problem after problem with both the jet car and jet dragster. From stupid, never-before issues to more major problems, both the cars tried my patience (and pocket) to the limit.

Not to sound negative, 2015 also brought about some great PB’s for the cars. Our attendance in Iceland saw FireForce 3 run a mighty 5.65 second 1/4 mile run pleasing not only us but the track guys also. I am convinced that if they lengthen the shut down area, the car could go even faster!! But maybe that’s a job for a few years time?

In Germany, FF3 was also the first jet funny car to run a 1/4 mile 5 second run at NitrOlympX, Hockenheim. Something that had eluded us even with FF1 over 10 years ago. For some reason (maybe the heat or the altitude) the cars have always struggled to run the times that come so natural on home soil. Needless to say, it was a great feeling to see a ‘5’ on the board!

The jet dragster, FireForce 5 has gained more runs this year and aside from the problems, has put in some good perfomances, running a 1/4 mile ET of 5.1769 seconds back in June 2015. With an 1/8th mile at 231mph and a 1/4 mile at 294mph, both times and speed are increasing nicely. Who knows a ‘4’ might be in the pipeline for 2016??

And we haven’t forgotten about Number 4! I had hoped that FF4 would make an appearance some time in 2015 but with all the other issues, my priority was to get FF3 and FF5 running.

As a non sponsored, self funded, self taught jet enthusiast, I will continue to build jets and race jets as long as I can. The support of our fans and the companies that assist me in the maintenance of the jets, means a lot. Without you, FireForce would be nothing.

So here’s to 2016. Our first outing is at Festival of Power over the Easter weekend in March. See you there!

Happy New Year, see you in 2016!!

FF3 Hero Front FF3 HeroBack FF5 Hero Front FF5 Hero Back

New hero cards available, visit our trailer at Pod for a signed copy or drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter!

The end of another season


Another season has come and gone. And this one has been particularly trying. In all my years of working with jets, I have never known a year with so many issues.

Both number 3 and number 5 have thrown up various problems which have tried my patience to the max.

On the plus side, we have seen many PB’s this year. A highlight was in Iceland back in June with Number 3 running the 1.4 mile in 5.65 seconds.

Our trip to Iceland was amazing and it would be great to go back one day and beat our record!

We also managed to run our first ever 5 second run at Hockenheimring at the 30th annual NitrOlympX in August. This meant a lot to me as we had run at Hockenheim numerous times over the years and the magical 5 seconds had always eluded us. Finally, we ran a 5.98 over the 1.4 mile on our last run!

Number 5, jet dragster has also been running well (when things weren’t going wrong) with a 5.17 second 1./4 mile run @ 290mph at Santa Pod back in June 2016.

It is also ran a 1/8 mile PB of 231mph at the Euro Finals at Santa Pod in September.

The end of season finale ‘Flame & Thunder’ at Santa Pod saw us end the year with Number 3 triggering the fireworks display. Both Number 3 and Number 5 put in some good runs and it was a relief to end our season on a high!


So, our first outing in 2016 is at Festival of Power over the Easter weekend (25th – 27th March 2016). Thanks to all our supporters and all the helping hands along the way!

See you next year, Martin.


Euro Finals Side by Side Runs


Just a quick update after our weekend at the FIA European Finals at Santa Pod Raceway.

Our first solo run on Friday with Number 3 ended rather abruptly when we were shut down at the staging lights due to a minimal fuel leak from the puke tank but thankfully all our other runs over the weekend went smoothly.

The Friday night time show saw us run head to head in Number 5 against Julian Webb (Split Second Jet Dragster). The crowds loved the night time show and we were happy with a steady 1000ft pass of 4.6 seconds @238mph


Saturday saw a good 1/4 mile pass with Number 3 of 5.70 seconds @283mph. Our quickest 1/4 mile ET at Santa Pod (overall PB ET is 5.65 seconds in Iceland). Then another side by side jet dragster run ended our Saturday runs with an impressive 1000ft time of 4.42 seconds @260mph and a PB 1/8th mile speed of 231mph!

Sunday was another solo for Number 3 and side by side jet dragsters and we ended the weekend being glad that we didn’t have any major incidents or problems with either cars.

Our next outing is Ford Fest on Sunday 13th Sept with Number 3. It’s hard to believe that there is only another 5 shows for us before the 2015 season comes to an end.

5 second run at Hockenheim


Further to our NitrOlympx report, we are pleased to say that on Sunday 9th August we completed a 1/4 mile side by side run against Dragon Hunter and finally achieved that elusive 5 second 1/4 mile pass.

For some reason, since our first trip to Hockenheim in 1991, a 5 second 1/4 mile pass has eluded us. Whether it be down to the altitude or weather conditions, we have never figured out why we could not manage a 5 second run on this track.

Happily, we can now proudly say that we are the only jet to run a 5 second 1/4 mile pass at Hockenheimring. Let’s see how long our title reigns!!!

NitrOlympx 2015


Our visit to the 30th NitrOlympx at Hockenheim ended weeks of hardship and problems with the car. We arrived on Wednesday 5th August to find Hockenheim basking in plus 30 degree temperatures. By Friday, the temperatures at the track were reaching 40 degrees but luckily for us, we were not racing until the Saturday Night Show.

By Saturday evening, a welcome breeze had picked up and the temperature was much cooler than recent days. It was decided that both Dragon Hunter and FireForce 3 were to do solo runs to end the night show. Dragon Hunter went first and put in a steady 1000ft pass.

We were up next and despite our few weeks of recent issues, the car was back on form and much more like the FF3 of old.

A good flame and vapour show got the crowds warmed up and the car launched quickly and made a 1000ft pass of 4.37seconds at 316kph.

The only disappointment was that it wasn’t timed over the 1/4 mile. As it was a solo run, we expected to have a 1/4 mile time and having never ran a 5 second pass at Hockenheimring, it would have been nice to mark the anniversary with a good time. The air conditions were right and the car ran well, so it was an opportunity missed but nevertheless the crowds were very appreciative and the German hospitality was as welcoming as ever.

Who knows, maybe next year we will get that 5 on German soil


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