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FIA Main Event Report


The FIA Main Event from 23rd – 26th May 2014 was a mixed weekend for most race teams including FireForce.  Most of the weekend was a wash out and we only got a couple of runs on Sunday 25th May.

On the plus side, we unveiled the new St George and the Dragon themed paintwork on the new dragster, Number 5! For the first time, we increased the distance and managed to run a successful 1000ft in 6.94 seconds ay 191mph. There are still a few tweaks to be made and I will do some more testing over the new few months but this is a promising start so far.

The new dragster seems to be a hit with our fans and we have received lots of great feedback via our Facebook page and in person. Again I would like to thank Andy and Tom at Custom Painthouse for their hard work and skill on the panels.

Once some dates have been confirmed for Number 5, we will let you all know but for now, thanks to you all for your continued support.

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Photos courtesy of Dave ‘DJ’ Jones

FireForce 5 Livery


This week I collected the completed jet dragster panels ready to unveil the new livery at The Main Event, Santa Pod Raceway, this weekend. Tom and Andy Scott from Custom Painthouse have again done a fantastic job on the new paintwork in record time. These guys did the livery on Number 4 and their skills are second to none. Their stand and vehicles at TruckFest Peterborough was a massive hit and the guys deserve every credit for their hard work. Check out their website or Facebook page www.custompainthouse.co.uk

The completed jet dragster in all its glory will be unveiled shortly but here are a few tasters of what’s to come!!

shield Dragon

FireForce 5 Jet Dragster Next Outing


We are pleased to announce that FireForce 5 Jet Dragster will be running at the FIA European Drag Racing Championships -Round 1 from 23rd-26th May held at Santa Pod Raceway. The paintwork for the body should also (hopefully) be revealed. Our brilliant friends at Custom Painthouse are busy working on the panels as we speak so stay tuned for more information. Don’t forget to check out our official Facebook page for updates FireForce Jet Funny Cars.

FireForce 5 Jet Dragster


The team are pleased to announce that the first runs in the new jet dragster, Number 5, were successful. There have been a lot of late nights, early mornings and head scratching with Number 5. A persistent fuel leak occurred on many test fire ups and hindered the progress of the project on more than one occasion.



Regrettably, we didn’t make our run scheduled for Friday 18th April at Festival of Power due to this leak and as much as we hate letting the public down, safety will always come first. Thankfully, a late night on Friday meant that the problem was temporarily fixed for Saturday.

On Saturday, the dragster steadily reached approximately 70mph and although it didn’t break any records, it was a successful test run down the track with an early shut off and chutes deployed. For the second outing, it was a side by side run against Split Second. This run, again, wasn’t about settings any records but managing to increase the speed and give the team an idea of what the dragster is capable of. A steady 120mph was enough to please us this time round.

The next step is to get the body painted and then really see what this machine can do!


2014 is well under way!

With three events under our belt for 2014, FireForce 3 is running consistently as always. A couple of early shut-offs and windy conditions have seen some 6.0 second runs but 5.9 runs remain the norm.

Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway over the Easter weekend will play host to side by side jet runs for a second year. Again, FireForce 3 will go head to head with Dragon Hunter so hopefully we can retain our wins for the 2nd year.


With both solo and side by side runs, the schedule is quite tight so we hope to run without issues.

Hopefully, we will be able to unveil Number 5, the Jet Dragster this weekend and get a first run down the track completed successfully.

So, see you at the track!

Martin & the team.

The end of another season

With the end of 2013 in sight, it’s time to reflect on another year for the FireForce team.

The year started out wet and our first outing, The Fast Show, proved to bring both rain and snow…not an ideal start.

The new addition of Number 5 –  Jet Dragster was set to be unveiled at Festival of Power but suffered some issues which led to us being unable to do any test runs. Then, we managed to fire No 5 up on the startline but couldn’t risk launching as there was still some problems and in a private fire up, No 5 suffered some damage caused by a small fuel leak. During whatever spare time I get, much of 2013 has been spent on trying to fix these ongoing and frustrating issues with No 5……hopefully 2014 will see the successful demo of this jet dragster.

FireForce Number 3, as always, continues to run consistently and has seen the team through another jam packed season.

Number 3 and the team have not long returned from Malta, where we were invited to do some demo runs at a charity based event ‘Paqpaqli Ghall-Istrina’, held at Malta International Airport. All proceeds went to The Malta Community Chest Fund run by the President of Malta. We had three shows with tight turn around times so there wasn’t much time to look around the rest of the event.
We were asked to do a prolonged vapour and flame show ending with a launch so the crowds all had the chance to see the car in action. All the shows seemed to be popular and well received and the pit area was always busy. After we loaded the car ready for it’s return, we managed to grab a few days sightseeing and enjoyed some December sunshine!!


unloading show day_2 show day interview with organiser

The team will have some down time during the Christmas period but it will be all hands on deck in 2014. With Number 4 and Number 5 in the pipeline, it’s bound to be another busy year.

As always, thanks to our supporters in 2013 and I hope to see you all in 2014.

Happy New Year

Martin Hill


Malta here we come….

Tuesday 29th October 2013

The FireForce team are extremely honoured to have been invited to Malta to participate at the annual charity event, Paqpaqli Għall-Istrina, on 8th December 2013.
The President of Malta, George Abela, officially launched the eighth edition of Malta’s annual popular motoring event, which will be held within the grounds of the Malta International Airport and Lufthansa Tecknik.

Paqp0aqli Għall-Istrina is organised by a team on behalf of The Malta Community Chest Fund together with Tonio Darmanin and the Malta Motorsport Federation. The aim behind this event is to raise funds for L-Istrina.

We have been in talks for a few months but can now officially announce our involvement in the event. FireForce 3 will be one of the main highlights of the event (we hope) and all of the team are very much looking forward to wowing the Maltese crowd.

Our last show at Santa Pod is this weekend at Fireworks Frenzy and then it will be all hands on deck to get FF3 ready and loaded in to the container ready for shipping.

We will keep you all updated via our website and Facebook page over the next few weeks.
For more information on Paqpaqli Għall-Istrina, please visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PaqpaqliGhallIstrina



FireForce 5 update

2013 brings more ventures and changes for the FireForce team starting with the launch of our ‘New Look’ website. Hopefully, this updated site will prove as popular with our fans as the older site and should enable us to post quick updates about our news and events.

There is also a new site for the Fire Safety equipment and as European Distributor for DJ Safety, I will happily advise and assist racers with any questions about their Fire Safety needs. Please check out the new site for more information on www.martinhillfiresafety.co.uk

Happily, the launch of the new site coincides with some exciting news………………….

Over the last few months, we have added to our stable of Jet vehicles and can now reveal that at the FIA Main Event (24th – 27th May) we will unveil our Jet Dragster otherwise known as FireForce JD5!!!

Originally, we hoped to have the dragster ready for Festival of Power, but as is so often the way with these things, it wasn’t to be.  So although the body and paintwork won’t be completely finished, we aim to debut on the ¼ mile and at least get some safe and successful runs under our belt.

Stay tuned for more news……………


PS Our thanks to Nigel Holland for creating this new site and also many congratulations on the success of his book ‘The 50 List.’

Latest Update

I’ve come to the decision that writing a report after every event we attend is an impossible task. Especially for someone who is not exactly computer friendly. This along with the fact that we have at least 30 events on our race calendar, means that the reports unfortunately take a back seat.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t want to keep you updated with all the latest news from the FireForce camp however. And to this end, we are pleased to announce that the chassis for FF4 has had the repair work completed and it is now back in our workshop. Now that the season is coming to an end, this hopefully should mean that the team are able to put some time into getting FF4 operational again ready for 2013. We don’t have any events planned for FF4 to attend as our priority is to test the car numerous times before any launch date is announced.

After the crash, all the team were devastated, especially as so much time, money and resources were put into building the car. In hindsight, more testing should have been done beforehand and this only serves to make us more cautious this time round.

The team would like to thank everyone who has asked about the repair work and wished us well immediately after the crash and ever since. We appreciate that it has taken much longer than we thought to get all of the repair work done and we look forward to entering in to 2013 with some successful test runs and news of a scheduled event for FF4.
In the meantime, you can still catch the team and FF3 in action at Flame & Thunder on Saturday 27th October for our final runs of 2012.

As always, thanks goes to all the fans who have supported us this year. Your support is appreciated.
Martin Hill

The Central Ford RS Owners Club Day to JapShow 2012

“Since the last update, it’s been a troublesome few months . Many of the events have been plagued with bad weather and thereby reducing the number of runs we have done.

Big Bang was a total wash out with none of our 5 scheduled runs taking place. X Fest was much the same with only 1 run on Saturday and rain beating us again on Sunday and bank holiday Monday.

Street Nationals was slightly more successful with one run each day but the car was still in the 6’s. We were promised that the good engine would be back from the States ready for the Main Event.

The weather improved for the Classic Ford Show and we experienced a mini heatwave meaning that we managed both of our runs on the Sunday albeit still a 6 second pass. The primary engine has arrived all intact and now it’s just a matter of getting the power plant fitted in time for next weekend at the Main Event.

Main Event was still cursed with the British weather and although we managed a run on Friday, we only had one of our two scheduled runs on Saturday with the last run being cancelled due to racing reaching the 9pm curfew. Sunday was a complete wash out with rain all day and Monday we experienced a repeat of Saturday with only one run and the last one being cancelled. All in all, not the best event to test the engine, although the performance of the car was improved. It was still not running as good as expected and a little more tuning is required.

The following weekend saw the Performance Vauxhall Show and the forecast was yet again more rain. Luckily though, the forecast was wrong and we had a fairly sunny weekend with two runs on the Sunday. The first run was a steady 6.0 with an early click off which was promising for our second run. The second run was better and we ran the long awaited 5 second pass, the first since the end of 2011!! Needless to say we were all very pleased and ready for the next event.

JapShow weekend with a run at RWYB on Saturday at 6pm. Although it was dry, we now had to contend with gale force winds which meant only a half pass was run. Sure the summer is just around the corner. Sunday and the JapShow, with only one scheduled run, we managed to back up our previous 5 second run from the weekend before and this time it was 5.87 @ 273mph.

The car seems to be settling itself down with the primary engine reinstalled. We now need to find a baseline for the car’s tuning and to gain consistency in our runs.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us at Summer Nationals and we can get some good runs under our belt.

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