FireForce 5 Jet Dragster Update


Happily, we can report that testing with the jet dragster is coming along nicely. We still need to build up the speed but at the weekend, the dragster ran a 1/4 mile Personal Best ET of 5.69 seconds.

Our next official outing will be at the FIA Main Event from 23rd – 25th May 2015 at Santa Pod.PB 5

Festival of Power Report 2015


A belated event report from our Easter weekend ‘Festival of Power’ at Santa Pod Raceway.

The weekend was a mixture of pleasure and pain. Unfortunately Friday 3rd April was rained off late in the day so no racing took place.

On Saturday, we were called for our first side by side run of the day. The dragster got to the startline but the starter motor would not fire up. After a couple of attempts, we were pushed back. Frustrating to say the least!

There was no time to fix the problem as we were straight back down with Number 3. The car ran a Personal Best and the quickest ever Jet FC pass in Europe at 5.72@268mph !



I decided not to run Number 5 again that day as I didn’t have time to solve the issue.

The second run of Saturday with Number 3 saw another PB but this time over the 1/8th mile at a speed of 214mph.

Two PB’s for Saturday with Number 3 but no such success with the dragster yet.

Sunday, I had hoped all the bad luck was behind us. The first run of the day was 1/8 mile side by side Number 3 vs. Dragon Hunter. After a red light by Dragon Hunter, the car did an 3.97@206mph.

Another quick turn around and back to try again with Number 5 and side by side with Split Second. This time the starter motor worked fine but we had afterburner issues. 1/8 mile time of 5.51@145mph. At this point, the team were not in the best of moods!

Another exceptionally tight turn around and back on the line with Number 3 against Dragon Hunter. A second red light from Dragon Hunter and a 1/8 mile time of 4.06@200mph for Number 3.



The final run of the weekend for Number 5 and we got to the startline, fired up and then……… a fuel leak!!! We shut off and that concluded our frustrating weekend!

Since Easter we have tested the dragster again only to find we have a solenoid issue now! Over the next few days, the solenoids will be replaced and hopefully this will be the end of our bad luck.

Who said running jets was easy??



Photos courtesy of Dave Jones and Andy Willsheer

First Event in 2015


The first run of 2015 was on Saturday 21st March and although it had been a cold day, at least it was dry. The car performed well for its first run at 5.77@263mph with an early shut off!

Sunday of The Fast Show was another bright sunny day and our two runs were, in all honesty, not the best that we could do. The track wasn’t right for us and the start line didn’t have enough grip to hold the car. A 5 second and low 6 second run was the best we could do in the circumstances.

With the upcoming weekend off, the team are preparing for Festival of Power over the Easter weekend as we have both Number 3 and 5 completing solo and side by side runs.


2015 Season Around the Corner


With Spring in the air, the 2015 season is just around the corner. In two weeks, FireForce 3 and the team will make their first outing at The Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway. Hopefully the weather will be kind and we can start the year off with a bang!

Then two weeks after The Fast Show, Number 3 and Number 5 (jet dragster) will be at Festival of Power, Santa Pod’s Easter weekend event.

The whole team looks forward to Festival of Power as the event will host side by side jet racing. This means that FireForce 3 will go head to head with Germany’s Dragon Hunter and FireForce 5 will go head to head with fellow Brit, Split Second jet dragster.

Let’s get this year underway…..see you at the track!


Happy New Year


Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

After a relaxing Christmas soaking up some sun, it’s back to the daily workload that seems never ending. 2015 is shaping up to be a busy season (when isn’t it?). We already have an additional event to our schedule over the May Day bank holiday when we will be travelling to France to take part in the Chambley event.

As well as the usual events at Santa Pod Raceway, there are still a few other events in the pipeline. Don’t forget to check our ‘Scheduled Events’ tab to find out where we will be!!

Our first outing of 2015, will be at The Fast Show at Santa Pod on Sun 22nd March and then Festival of Power over the Easter weekend where both Number 3 and Number 5 will be unleashed.

Roll on the Spring!!


2014 Overview


It doesn’t seem possible that another season has come and gone so quickly!

2014 saw the unveiling of FireForce number 5 jet dragster and at Festival of Power over the Easter weekend, it did its first run down the drag strip. By the Main Event in May, the dragster took to the strip again with its completed George and the Dragon themed paintwork. Still in the testing stages, it was only at the Flame & thunder show in October that the full potential of the jet dragster was starting to become apparent. A couple of 6 second runs at 200mph+ was a happy end to the FireForce season.

2014 also saw the return of FireForce at Hockenheimring in Germany after nearly 10 years away. The Saturday night show was great fun with side by side runs against Dragon Hunter……..(we won)!

The highlight of this year must be the Personal Best ET in number 3 at the National Finals in September recording an ET of 5.75 seconds over the 1/4 mile. Not bad for an old guy!

With lots of projects in the pipeline, the winter months are set to be busy and no doubt March will come around quickly. Our first outing at Santa Pod is on Sun 22nd March at The Fast Show.

Thanks to you all for your continued support and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook (FireForce Jet Funny Cars)

See you next year


Quarter Mile PB


Many thanks to everyone who has sent messages of congratulations via Facebook, email and text after our Personal Best 1/4 mile ET last Sunday.

After a turbulent weekend at the FIA European Finals (Sun 7th Sept) we had to cancel our scheduled runs due to some stress damage to one of the turbine blades. Rather than risk further damage, we decided to do a complete engine swap and fitted a spare engine. This engine was not fitted or tested in time to complete our runs at the Euro Finals but after a test fire up last week, I was confident that the spare engine was fitted and running sufficiently enough to run at the National Finals.

On Saturday 20th Sept, at the National Finals, the track and weather conditions were good and we did a 5.81 second run. Myself and the team were happy with the performance.

On Sunday 21st Sept, the track and weather conditions again were good. There was a slight tail wind and the car ran a 5.75 second ET over the quarter mile, which is a personal best.

Needless to say, the whole FireForce team are happy with this run and we are extremely grateful for all the well wishes since Sunday.

Our next outing is Sun 28th Sept at the BMW Show. See you there!

Flame & Thunder – Sat 25th October



FireForce 3 Jet Funny Car and FireForce 5 Jet Dragster will be running on the dragstrip at Santa Pod’s season finale on Saturday 25th October.

Flame & Thunder is a real family friendly event with plenty of track action, monster trucks, massive bonfire and firework display. Bring the family along and watch both of the jet vehicles in action.

This will only be the second time that Number 5 has gone down the strip complete with the St George and the Dragon themed painted body.


Find out more about the event by visiting


NitrOlympX Report


Number 3 and the team are all now safely back home after our visit to Hockenheimring, Germany for the NitrOlympX show, 8th – 10th August.

Myself and Horace travelled by road with No3 on tow which got quite a few admiring glances and plenty of photos from the passing traffic. We eventually got to the track late last Wednesday and after unloading the car in the pit garage, all we wanted was a good night’s sleep at our hotel. On Thursday, Richard arrived so we completely cleaned the car which had been drenched through. After a thorough clean, we went through the car and got most of the prep done ready for Friday.

Friday proved a frustrating day as we had asked and expected to be able to do a ‘test’ run on the track. We got down to the pairing lanes at just gone 6pm and were all ready for action until we got cancelled due to the noise curfew. All the team were slightly disappointed as we wanted to be able to give the car a proper ‘test’ to make sure there weren’t any issues before our big ‘Night Show’ on Saturday evening.

Saturday came and the wet forecasts that we had heard all week never appeared (thankfully). We thought we might be able to get a mid morning ‘test’ run in but again this didn’t happen. The next we knew we were asked to run side by side with DragonHunter at the finale of the night show at 10pm. As we sat in the pairing lanes, the grandstands were heaving and the noise was immense. It’s been nearly 10 years since I was last at Hockenheimring with No 2 but the crowds were just as amazing as they always were.  DragonHunter and No 3 both put on a great startline show and it was a steady first run for No 3 over 1000 ft before I shut off. DragonHunter red lit which meant it was a comfortable win for the Brits.

After the run, I was confident that I could easily run the 1/4 mile as the track and conditions were good. On Sunday, we were asked to end the day with another side by side run with DragonHunter. I  knew the car was performing well so I was cautious not to red light and took my time. Comfortably the car did the 1/4 mile in 6.10sec /437kph (271mph) against DragonHunter’s 7.20sec /364kph (226mph)

Myself and the team all had a great return trip to Hockenheim and I must thank Jerry Lackey, Race Director at Hockenheim, for inviting us to the show.

There are plenty of photos and videos on our Facebook page and we’ll be uploading some on here in due course. So check out our little trip via

FireForce at NitrOlympX


In just under a weeks time, we shall be setting off on the long road trip to Hockenheim ready for the NitrOlympX show from    8th – 10th August. The whole team are very much looking forward to returning to Hockenheimring after nearly 10 years and we hope that the German crowd will enjoy our performance.

It was an honour to be asked back by Jerry Lackey, NitrOlympX Race Director, and although he has been chasing us for a few years, this year everything fell in to place and we were delighted to be able to accept his invite.

We will keep regular updates and photos during our visit on our Facebook page so watch this space.

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