Fire(Force) and Ice!



As we recently announced, a few months back, FireForce 3 was invited to race in Iceland as the star attraction to mark the 40th anniversary of the Icelandic Drag Racing Club. The organiser and some of the track crew came over for the FIA Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway and at the track, details of the trip were confirmed. The FireForce team flew out to Iceland late on Monday 1st June and arrived to the wonderful sight of the midnight sun! And yes, it really is daylight ALL day at this time of year!

midnight sun

On Tuesday 2nd June, we headed to the track to wait for the container to be delivered and then the car was unloaded and prepped ready for the Press Day on Wednesday.

The track at Kvartmíluklúbburinn is quite unique in that it has a dip after the 1/4 mile and then a steep incline. When travelling at high speeds, you lose sight of the end of the shutdown area and your perception of the track is lost until you are at the top of the incline. The track has a shorter shutdown area than a lot of tracks and unless you want to end up in a pile of lava rocks and craters, you are best to avoid overshooting!


The Press Day was successful and all the media that attended were intrigued by the car and lots of photos, videos and interviews were taken. The car was pulled into the pit area and a quick start up and demo of the vapour and flame show was enough to impress (deafen and frighten) the media. We even made the Icelandic news that evening on one of the 2 TV channels that they have!!

press day

After the press guys left , we were able to have a bit of R & R time with some of the guys going to the Blue Lagoon! What an amazing experience and a way to unwind before show day!


Thursday 4th June was the main show day and we were told that they expected over 1,200 spectators for the evening’s show which is the largest attended event the track has ever had! I decided to run the 1/8 mile on the first run so I could get a feel for the track and the shutdown area. The first run scheduled at 8pm was a new Personal Best for FF3 over the 1/8 mile at 3.89@215mph! Needless to say, everyone was happy and in high spirits. The Icelandic people were really appreciative of the car and came over to buy merchandise and take photos and speak to the crew.
The second and final run at 10pm closed the show and with an early shut off ran a 1/4 mile time of 6.15 seconds.

Friday 5th June, the car was loaded onto a trailer to make an appearance at a static car show in North East Reykjavik and after the car show closes on Sunday, it’ll be back to the track for another evening show with 2 more runs scheduled.

A huge thank you to Ingo and Ingi plus all the track crew at Kvartmíluklúbburinn for your hospitality so far. All of us are having a fab time in Iceland which is an absolutely beautiful country.

We are looking forward to tomorrow’s show and in the meantime, follow our antics on Facebook!

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