2 PB’s and Iceland


The FIA Main Event had the usual mix of ups and downs with the cars.

We had spent a few weeks fixing the leak on Number 3 that had occurred at Festival of Power and whilst resting Number 3, we had  given Number 5 some more runs at Santa Pod steadily building on the time and speed.

The jet dragster ran a PB of 5.62/260mph on Saturday 23rd May and we are now aiming for the 5.5’s over the next couple of weeks.


Number 3 also seemed to be back to its previous performance and we ran a PB of 5.71/285mph on Mon 25th May.


There was no time for rest after the Main Event as Number 3 was loaded into a container yesterday ready to ship to Iceland where we have been invited to run at the 40th anniversary at the Kapelluhrauni dragstrip on Thursday 4th June. The team will fly out next week and are very much looking forward to the event.

This event has been in discussions for many months and has managed to be kept off the radar (more or less) until all details were confirmed.

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