Icelandic Adventures


Having just returned from our trip to Iceland, we would again like to thank Ingo, Ingi and everyone at the track, Kvartmíluklúbburinn, for their friendliness and professionalism during our stay.

The track is a credit to all the guys that volunteer their time in the name of Drag Racing. The start line has incredible grip and the track itself is smooth to run on. The only slight improvement that could be made for us is to extend the shutdown area to enable us to run at full speed.

Unfortunately, rain and bad weather meant that we only performed one of the two scheduled runs on Sunday evening but what a run it was! FireForce 3 ran a PB of 5.65 seconds at 255mph over the 1/4 mile with a cracking 220mph at the 1/8th mile. This was also a track record which was a great way to end our amazing trip.

time slipcrew

Iceland is an amazing place and even the legendary Tom Jones performed in Reykjavik to mark his 75th birthday. Sadly, we were unable to make the concert on 8th June as we were sightseeing at the Gullfoss waterfall. We heard that Tom rocked the place though. Good on you Tom!

The car is now sailing it’s way back to the UK and we look forward to being reunited next week.

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