NitrOlympx 2015


Our visit to the 30th NitrOlympx at Hockenheim ended weeks of hardship and problems with the car. We arrived on Wednesday 5th August to find Hockenheim basking in plus 30 degree temperatures. By Friday, the temperatures at the track were reaching 40 degrees but luckily for us, we were not racing until the Saturday Night Show.

By Saturday evening, a welcome breeze had picked up and the temperature was much cooler than recent days. It was decided that both Dragon Hunter and FireForce 3 were to do solo runs to end the night show. Dragon Hunter went first and put in a steady 1000ft pass.

We were up next and despite our few weeks of recent issues, the car was back on form and much more like the FF3 of old.

A good flame and vapour show got the crowds warmed up and the car launched quickly and made a 1000ft pass of 4.37seconds at 316kph.

The only disappointment was that it wasn’t timed over the 1/4 mile. As it was a solo run, we expected to have a 1/4 mile time and having never ran a 5 second pass at Hockenheimring, it would have been nice to mark the anniversary with a good time. The air conditions were right and the car ran well, so it was an opportunity missed but nevertheless the crowds were very appreciative and the German hospitality was as welcoming as ever.

Who knows, maybe next year we will get that 5 on German soil


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