The end of another season


Another season has come and gone. And this one has been particularly trying. In all my years of working with jets, I have never known a year with so many issues.

Both number 3 and number 5 have thrown up various problems which have tried my patience to the max.

On the plus side, we have seen many PB’s this year. A highlight was in Iceland back in June with Number 3 running the 1.4 mile in 5.65 seconds.

Our trip to Iceland was amazing and it would be great to go back one day and beat our record!

We also managed to run our first ever 5 second run at Hockenheimring at the 30th annual NitrOlympX in August. This meant a lot to me as we had run at Hockenheim numerous times over the years and the magical 5 seconds had always eluded us. Finally, we ran a 5.98 over the 1.4 mile on our last run!

Number 5, jet dragster has also been running well (when things weren’t going wrong) with a 5.17 second 1./4 mile run @ 290mph at Santa Pod back in June 2016.

It is also ran a 1/8 mile PB of 231mph at the Euro Finals at Santa Pod in September.

The end of season finale ‘Flame & Thunder’ at Santa Pod saw us end the year with Number 3 triggering the fireworks display. Both Number 3 and Number 5 put in some good runs and it was a relief to end our season on a high!

So, our first outing in 2016 is at Festival of Power over the Easter weekend (25th – 27th March 2016). Thanks to all our supporters and all the helping hands along the way!

See you next year, Martin.


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