Euro Finals Side by Side Runs


Just a quick update after our weekend at the FIA European Finals at Santa Pod Raceway.

Our first solo run on Friday with Number 3 ended rather abruptly when we were shut down at the staging lights due to a minimal fuel leak from the puke tank but thankfully all our other runs over the weekend went smoothly.

The Friday night time show saw us run head to head in Number 5 against Julian Webb (Split Second Jet Dragster). The crowds loved the night time show and we were happy with a steady 1000ft pass of 4.6 seconds @238mph


Saturday saw a good 1/4 mile pass with Number 3 of 5.70 seconds @283mph. Our quickest 1/4 mile ET at Santa Pod (overall PB ET is 5.65 seconds in Iceland). Then another side by side jet dragster run ended our Saturday runs with an impressive 1000ft time of 4.42 seconds @260mph and a PB 1/8th mile speed of 231mph!

Sunday was another solo for Number 3 and side by side jet dragsters and we ended the weekend being glad that we didn’t have any major incidents or problems with either cars.

Our next outing is Ford Fest on Sunday 13th Sept with Number 3. It’s hard to believe that there is only another 5 shows for us before the 2015 season comes to an end.

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