Heading for Hockenheim


It’s that time! For the third year running, FireForce 3 is loaded ready for the long drive over to Hockenheim, Germany ready to participate in the NitrOlympX.

It’s always a highlight on our calendar and the Saturday Night Show really must be seen to be believed. The German crowds are fantastic so we look forward to entertaining them.

After our first ever 5 second 1/4 mile pass last year, we are hoping to repeat the success for a 2nd year.

We also look forward to pitting next to Split Second Jet Dragster and the team who are joining the festivities for the first time at the NitrOlypmX show.

We will post updates on our social media pages via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can see behind the scenes of our journey.

FireForce 3 T-shirts will also be available to buy from our Pit Bay.

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