Central Ford RS Owners Day – Sun 18th April 2010

With a record turn out at Central Ford RS day, the site was full with every type of Ford RS vehicle you could imagine. The warm sunny weather no doubt attracted the crowds, but was not the ideal weather conditions for ultra quick runs for the jet car. The car always runs better when the weather is cooler and the air is more dense.

We decided to back up the eighth mile speeds from the previous weekend to make sure all was good with the car. The first run at 1pm was trouble free, a good launch and 206mph at the eighth with a terminal speed of 280 at the quarter in a time of 5.9secs.

The second run at 3.30pm was very similar to the first run, but we managed another 1mph at the eighth, at 207mph with a terminal speed of 269 in 5.9secs.

A successful day, with the car being well appreciated by the crowds.

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