AER/Big Bang inc Camper & Bus Show -23rd – 25th April 2010

FireForce 3 on a runFriday 23rd April saw the third year of AER (Alternative Energy Racing) plus the first day of Big Bang. With a mixture of VW’s and Zero Emission vehicles entering the site, our only run of the day was at 5pm.

In non Zero Emission style, the car ran 5.9 at 271mph and with some modifications and rule bending, maybe we can join in AER next year!!!!

Saturday 24th April began with clear blue skies and warm sunshine. With the site full of campers, bugs and party goers enjoying the relaxed atmosphere, the first run of the day was scheduled for 12 o’clock.

The warm weather knocked the edge of the performance (that’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it) with the car running at 5.92 at 272mph. However, the crowd seemed pleased all the same.

The second run at 5.45pm was expected to be similar with the warm weather continuing. The car ran 5.93 at 269mph to a full grandstand and banking.

Sunday started miserable with rain until late morning. Racing eventually started around 12pm with our first run being delayed until 1.30pm. As the weather had cooled down a little, we hoped the car would make more power running over 207mph at the eighth, but unfortunately the car was shut off early well before the finish line and it only run 262mph at 5.89secs. If the car had not been shut off early, the terminal speed would have been close to 280mph.

The last run of the weekend for us was at 4pm, just before the finals were run. The car 5.92 @ 272mph, although we would have hoped it would have been quicker and faster. Will try again next weekend at the All American Show & Monster Truck Nationals with the hope that a replenished driver and crew can pursue an improved performance.

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