Saturday Night Special & Fast Show

The season started off well with the first run on the Saturday Nite Special, 20th Feb. The weather conditions and the track were not ideal for our first pass but with the light fading and the temperature dropping just as quick we got the car fired up and concentrated on a big show on the start line then straight into stage, we ran a good strong 5.9 with an early shut off at 240mph.

Our next event, the Fast Show Sunday 21st, was very well attended with record amount of car clubs and spectators all at the racetrack. We had two runs and both were well received by the appreciative crowds, first pass 266mph @ 5.9 and our second we stepped up the car to 273mph @ 5.8. The car is back running consistantly and we are looking forward to future events and building on the cars performance.

We will be posting a full report after each event and also running another competition for a family ticket to the Main Event, 28th – 31st May 2010.

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