Rushden Powerfest – Saturday 22nd May 2010

For the first time ever in Rushden, (approx 5 miles from Santa Pod Raceway) a unique variety of cars paraded through the town centre in order to promote the FIA Main Event. FireForce 3 was on static display in the High Street and drew quite a few astonished people over. Both frequent visitors to Pod and complete first-timers came over and chatted to us about the car.

Sales of the Brand New poster went extremely well, better than expected to be honest, as well as some of the old stock of FireForce t-shirts. All this is a welcome addition to the money-box in order to fund new merchandise. For those who do not know, FireForce Jet Funny Cars, is and always has been, completely self funded by Martin Hill without any sponsorship. Therefore, any merchandise we aim to produce, will be done gradually as and when. As always the maintenance of the car is first and foremost. But we HAVE got bits and bobs in the pipeline, hopefully the next of which will be available to purchase at the FIA Main Event this weekend. All will be announced shortly!!!

So whilst we’re busy preparing for this weekend, check out the running order for the Main Event so you can be sure not to miss the runs

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