Main Event Report


The FIA Main Event at Santa Pod over the Whitsun weekend proved a bit of a mixed bag. On the plus side, the weather at Pod was glorious in the week leading up to the Main Event with temperatures soaring on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was also a welcome relief to have FireForce 3 back from Bahrain and managed some steady runs over Friday, Saturday and Sunday all within 5.82 and 5.83 seconds. The dragster (FF5) also ran a steady 5.4@239mph on Saturday. Unfortunately on Sunday, Number 5 suffered a failure on the startline. Later investigation found it was a broken drive shaft so repair work will be underway to get this up and running.

Monday was a different story as the storm clouds rolled in. Twice we made it down to the pairing lanes only to get caught in a downpour both times resulting in an abrupt and disappointing end to our weekend.

Our next outing is at the Classic Ford Show on Sunday 4th June so let’s hope for the good weather to return.

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