FireForce Goes to Abu Dhabi

The FireForce team are proud to announce that they will be travelling to Abu Dhabi to perform some demonstration runs at the Yas Drag Racing Festival on 4th & 5th March 2011.

After many months of organization, we are delighted to get the go-ahead to publicise this event and have been told that the Official Press Release will hit the papers in the UAE this Sunday.

We are honoured to have been invited to attend this event and are looking forward to taking FireForce 3 to our first ever performance in the Middle East. It will also be the first time any jet car has performed in the Middle East!! Hopefully we will prove as popular there as we feel here in the UK and just maybe make a few more fans along the way.

It’s taken a lot of hard work and there will be a lot more to come once we arrive in Abu Dhabi, but we are all really excited about it.

We will keep you all updated as and when we can but for more information and the Official Press Release,

Martin Hill & the FF Team

End of 2010 Season Report

Well here we are at the end of a very busy season. With more runs under our belt due to the lack of other jet powered vehicles being available and the weather being mostly in our favour, it’s now time for a well earned rest!!!

The year has highlighted a few problems with the car in trying to maintain consistency and reliability with very short turn round times with runs and the car running virtually every weekend. The most frustrating problem with the car has been trying to get the new tailpipe design to our satisfaction and we ended the season without conclusive results. The need for new parts became a necessity mid season as the car was progressively running slower resulting in a spell of 6 second passes. Our biggest problem was trying to fit the parts and test before events without comprising the scheduled runs.
We have learned a lot about parts that don’t work and very little about parts that do work!! Hopefully we can resolve this ongoing problem over the winter period when we are able to test the car. However, the ‘quiet’ period seems to be getting shorter with our first appearance in 2011 at the Autosport Show at the NEC Birmingham in January and our first run on the 1/4 mile in February at the Stunt Fest at Santa Pod Raceway. (See Scheduled Events for our appearances in 2011)

The new project which we had hoped would be unveiled at the end of 2010, has been delayed until early 2011 for the start of the new season. Stayed tuned to find out more!!!

The re-launch of the FireForce website in 2010 has proven to be a huge success and our thanks and appreciation go to Nigel Holland for all his hard work and tolerance with us!!! (We know we’re sometimes hard work)
2010 also saw new merchandise launched with the FireForce poster and stickers which have proved popular, both on sale at race events and through our website. Again our thanks to Chris at Rowtype for designing the poster and stickers and putting up with our constant emails and indecisiveness!!
This is an ongoing project with new merchandise in the pipeline with a new Kid’s line for Christmas (finger’s crossed) and Adult’s range in 2011.

Our calendar already looks pretty full for 2011 and we hope to see all the familiar faces (and hopefully some new ones) at the FireForce trailer.

Lastly, we’d like to thank all our supporters and fans who have shown their enthusiasm towards our small crew. You make it all worthwhile!!!
Special thanks to all the people who have been kind enough to allow us to use their photos on this website. It’s great to see so many wonderful photographs!!
For all of our fans who have joined the ‘FireForce Jet Funny Cars’ facebook group page, you make us feel popular!!!

Hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!!!!

See you all in 2011

Martin, Rich and Horace

FireForce and Megadeth Got It Together!

megadethfirefirce_newsIt’s not often we get a blast from the past but for all you Megadeth fans this is a treat for you. Back in the early nineties FireForce 1 and Magadeth got together for a photo shoot.

In the last couple of weeks three of the photos have been located and we have them here for you to see.

Thanks goes to Megadeth and Photographer Fin Costello who sent these images to us.

Click here to see these great photos.

Summer Nationals – Sat 19th & Sun 20th June 2010

The day was blustery to say the least and anyone looking to get a tan was extremely disappointed! With 2 scheduled runs for both days, we hoped to address any problems from the previous 2 weekends. 12.30pm on Saturday, the car ran a good 5.88@ 271.36mph. But as the two previous weekends, we noticed that the 60ft times were comparatively slower than normal. We’re not going to pay to much attention to it at this stage as it could be due to the weather.

The second run of the day was a little bit more eventful. At 5.45pm we ran a 5.90@ 269.77mph. Everything was good until the parachute was deployed and once the canopy had opened, the car momentarily slowed then carried on gaining speed. The main parachute had failed, the reserve chute was deployed and finally started to slow the car down. The field was getting very close very quick by this stage!!! All the brakes were used in force to avoid any field trips! 2ft away from the grass, the car finally came to a stop. Thankfully!!

Back to the pits for a thorough inspection.

Sunday was a brighter day and all the brakes on the car were checked over and parts replaced as necessary as a cautionary measure. Checking over the timing data again, the 60ft times were still way off the mark. All the after burner assembly was removed from the car and thoroughly inspected again and a small crack in the fuel manifold was found. This was creating a drop in fuel pressure resulting in the poor 60ft times. Repairs were done and reinstalled.

The 1st run of the day at 2pm was a 5.90 @269.89mph and the 60ft time was back in normal range at 1.0’s and the new chute deployed correctly!!!! All confidence back.

Second run at 3.30pm, to back up the first run and make sure everything was Ok resulted in a 5.91@ 268.03mph.

All seems back to normal and looking forward to the UK Truck Show this coming weekend!

Performance Vauxhall Show – Sat 12th & Sun 13th June 2010

Saturday was a reasonably quiet day and maybe the England match had something to do with the smaller crowd. The one scheduled run at 2.30pm was problem free with a 5.982@ 266.61mph.

Sunday was slightly busier and we had 2 runs for today. The first at midday with a 5.941@ 269.74mph and the second at 2.30pm at a slightly disappointing 6.010@ 263.66mph.

With a 6 second run both last weekend and today, hopefully it’s just down to a tired driver and not anything to do with the car! Will have a good look at the timing data and check the figures and make sure all the components in the car are working correctly.

Classic Ford Show – Sun 6th June 2010

With the impending forecast for the day, we were unsure as to whether we would manage one run let alone the two that were scheduled. However, the rain stayed away and at 11.45am, we were down at the startline ready for the 1st run. The car ran a unexpected 6.013@ 265.14mph. The FIRST 6 second run this season and since July 2009. Not sure why, under investigation!

The rest of the afternoon remained unsettled but again the rain held off and we were ready to go at 3pm. The car ran 5.94 @ 268mph.

We certainly got lucky with regards to the weather with this last run but just a bit disappointed with the 1st run.

FIA Main Event 28th – 31st May 2010

timingboard281Friday started off the Sportsman Qualifying Rounds with sunny, but cloudy weather. Our only scheduled run closed the day’s racing at 5.10pm with a 5.95 @ 268.28mph.

Saturday began wet and miserable and although the rain stopped at around 3pm, the track was not ready by the time it began to rain again at 5.45pm. So that was it for Saturday, no racing done and hopefully better weather for the next two days.

Sunday proved quite an eventful day with power cuts, incidents on track and oil downs. This led to our first run being delayed from 1pm to just after 5pm. However after all the sitting around, we managed a 5.94 @ 268.16mph. Again because of the delays on track our last run of the day to end the racing was put back from 4.30pm to 8.45pm and a 5.90 @ 269.81mph. One very tired driver and crew!

Monday again was fine and dry, but was still playing catch up from the previous days’ events and the lost days’ racing on Saturday. The first run went from 11.30am to 1.30pm and hit 5.86 @ 281.48mph. Obviously a good’s night sleep had helped!!
The last run of the day and the event was at 4.40pm and after a long and eventful weekend, ran a 5.96 @ 269.76mph.

Time for a well earned rest and just maybe a beer!

Check out the Main Event Picture gallery

Saturday Night Special – Saturday 15th May 2010

The 2nd Saturday Night Special of 2010 was a relatively quiet affair. With a smaller than anticipated crowd, only one run was decided upon scheduled for 6.30pm. The weather was sunny but cool and the car managed a good run of 5.8894 @ 274.68mph.

Rushden Powerfest – Saturday 22nd May 2010

For the first time ever in Rushden, (approx 5 miles from Santa Pod Raceway) a unique variety of cars paraded through the town centre in order to promote the FIA Main Event. FireForce 3 was on static display in the High Street and drew quite a few astonished people over. Both frequent visitors to Pod and complete first-timers came over and chatted to us about the car.

Sales of the Brand New poster went extremely well, better than expected to be honest, as well as some of the old stock of FireForce t-shirts. All this is a welcome addition to the money-box in order to fund new merchandise. For those who do not know, FireForce Jet Funny Cars, is and always has been, completely self funded by Martin Hill without any sponsorship. Therefore, any merchandise we aim to produce, will be done gradually as and when. As always the maintenance of the car is first and foremost. But we HAVE got bits and bobs in the pipeline, hopefully the next of which will be available to purchase at the FIA Main Event this weekend. All will be announced shortly!!!

So whilst we’re busy preparing for this weekend, check out the running order for the Main Event so you can be sure not to miss the runs

Monster Truck Nationals & All American Show – Sat 1st May 2010

Saturday started out a fairly fine day with many people on site for both the Monster Truck Nationals and the All American Show. Although rain had been forecast, it managed to stay dry enough for the only scheduled run of the day at around 3.30pm. After the final display of the monster truck freestyle in the Live Action Arena, the crowd turned their attention to the track where the car ran 5.939sec @ 265.03mph. The crowd were very appreciative and for those that had attended for the Monster Truck Show, this was the last demonstration for them to see.

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