FireForce 1

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FireForce1FireForce JFC 1 was the original Jet Funny Car that set the UK and Europe alight with the impact of salooned-bodied jet powered cars. It was the first competitive Jet Funny Car in Europe and had its debut at York Raceway in 1989. The car was an instant success and was invited to run at Santa Pod Raceway.

JFC 1 or Number 1, as it was commonly referred to, had kept its original appearance and paint scheme since first appearing on the track. It had a distinctive shape of the square bodied racecar of that era with a small rear deck and no aerofoil section.

Number 1 set many track records for speed and elapsed time; some to this day still stand. The car was featured in too many magazines to list and had been used in introductions on several TV programmes. Including a famous appearance on BBC’s Top Gear program. And for those that haven’t seen that particular episode here’s the clip.

Unfortunately the car was involved in an incident at the Flame and Thunder show at Santa Pod in November 2006 and because of the extensive damage, the decision was made not to rebuild the car.

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