FireForce 5

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FireForce 5The latest addition to the FireForce stable. The FireForce 5 jet dragster first tested at Festival of Power over Easter 2014 and ran side by side against Split Second reaching a speed of 120mph over the 1/8 mile with an early shut off.

To date, a Personal Best 1/4 mile ET of 5.0639 seconds set on 29th April 2018. And a 310.41mph run set on 28th May 2018.

  • Pilot: Martin Hill
  • Pratt & Whitney J60 engine from a Sikorsky Skycrane helicopter (same as FireForce 3)
  • The Jet Dragster has explosive thrust of over 5500lbs
  • To date, Personal Best 1/4 mile ET of 5.0639 seconds, but anticipate a 4 second run soon
  • The paintwork is based on St George and the Dragon theme. Paintwork by Custom Painthouse
  • The total weight of the car is 1200Ibs.
  • The wheelbase is 280 inches (23ft) long
  • The Jet Dragster uses approximately 28 gallons of aviation fuel per run.
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