FireForce 2

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FireForce 2FireForce JFC 2 is the next generation of Jet Funny Cars, it is aerodynamic in appearance and built with the sole intention of performance. You may have gathered it is referred to as No. 2 and is significantly lighter than its previous stable mate No.1. Many differences are apparent, it is lower to the ground, slimmer and longer. It’s body shape is more streamlined and noticably has a large rear aerofoil section wing on the rear deck and the intake area is designed to help airflow into the engine. The turbine is physically smaller than No. 1 but with an efficient after burner fitted is produces similar power and with the car weighing a full 500kgs lighter this give No. 2 its amazing performance. To compare the cars is to say No1. is the Grand Tourer and No. 2 the GTi, No. 2 has pure unadulterated aggression and No. 3 is the World Record Breaker!

No. 2 has taken all the track records and is in the top five current fastest jet funny cars competing in the world over a quarter mile. With it’s unique style and show, No. 2 is restricted to racing on prepared race tracks and eliminates itself from the versatility that No. 1 provided to work in most environments.

No. 2 has in its brief history set the standards for jet funny cars; it has also gone through four colour schemes but the present one being the favourite and chosen from a design competition, which was drawn by one of our many fans.

Martin Hill

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